Enclosing Spaces

Arden Craft

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Enclosed Spaces focuses on encompassing space, transparency, material ambiguity and environment. The piece works to invade and disrupt the area in which it lives, while experimenting with fluidity in hopes of provoking audience interaction and speculation. The process of Enclosing Spaces involved cutting string into short lengths (2-4 inches), dipping the string in wood glue and placing the string on a bowl covered in plastic wrap. After the glue dries and the plastic wrap is removed, you are left with a bowl constructed loosely out of just string and glue. These loosely constructed bowls were then attached to the wall in various patterns, working to explore unique organic shapes and forms, while experimenting with light, shadow and color. The audience is invited to come close to the piece, glance through its unknown spaces and try to imagine where these odd forms could potentially live in the world.

Semi-circles of yarn attached to a wall


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