Research in Contemporary Drawing Practices

Sutton Allen

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

In this research I explored various methods of generating disparate imagery, taking iPhone pictures, found imagery, photographs my peers collected, or online pictures. The image was then translated into traditional drawing media. I then presented these works linearly, suggesting a progression or singular narrative. The images however, appear not to relate. The continuity between these images is that they attempt to understand the origin of the individual’s conception of narrativity within a sequence of images. Attempting to promote the sprit of inquiry by created ambiguous images without a clear narrative, I am ultimately leaving the viewer to interpret these works freely. Using the image and work’s title, the viewer is prompted towards their own path of understanding.

A drawing of a man with white stripes running the length of the drawing
                                                                     Nostos Algos
Drawing of a blurry man with his hand on a door
A diptych of drawings, showing people in a gallery space
                                                                     New Museum
Drawing of a nude man and dog among trees
A drawing of two people walking outside as seen through an open door

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