Sins of Memory

Yaxin Mao

Miami University (Ohio)

UReCA: The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity 2020 Edition


Sins of Memory explores the artistic representation of the memory’s malfunctions. As an undergraduate majoring in Psychology, I have been fascinated by the cross-disciplinary approach of self-discovering and self-expression. Being a fundamental building block of human life, memory allows us to store the information for reflection and future use. However, the process of recollection may sometimes become tricky. Recall a time when the details of a recent event started fading with the passage of time, when the next word was on the tip of your tongue, when the retrieval of information was unconsciously distorted by your values and beliefs, when you were zoned out, or when the unwanted remembrance stayed intrusive; this series of photographs portrays and transforms the lilies, lively yet fragile, resembling the occurrences of memory failure.








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