"Identity" Series

Jordan Ingersoll

Greensboro College

The “Identity” series delves into parts of the human identity; how the physical world defines us, how mentally we view ourselves or others, and how we explore personality, sexuality, and gender. “Positive Results” (blue and red) investigates how one may feel insecure in their environment. “Gifted Kid” (green and yellow) is a piece based off of gifted learning programs in elementary school, and how they breed severe burnout and perfectionism in students later in life. “I Wish I Were Perfect” (black, purple, and pink) is a piece modeled after an anonymous friend’s personal struggle with perfection. “Control” (pink, purple, orange, and green) is modeled off the idea that having more hands would make life easier; instead, the need for control becomes more intense. “Celestial Bodies” (blue, green, and pink) is an exploration of sapphic love through feminine bodies, both love for self and love for another.


“Positive Results”


“Gifted Kid”


“I Wish I Were Perfect”




“Celestial Bodies”

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