Inner Truth

Olivia Jin

Irvine Valley College

Scrolling through social media on a daily basis, toxic media portraiture of beauty standards has inspired me for this mixed media painting. This piece depicts the conflicting multi-standards of beauty spanning in various cultures. The piece combines both western and eastern “perfect” beauty standards from early 80s to modern time. I utilize spraypaint and magazines collages to depict the beauty trends and digital representation of certain beautiful traits. Through this piece, I want to criticize the unrealistic and chaotic standards we face as global citizens. People start to ignore the truth inside of themselves which is the beauty we have already possessed. In the digital world, everything is judging on a surface level. People keep taking short snapshot or zoom in certain features on someone else on social media. People adjust certain feature of themselves and have an unconscious narrow mind of beauty. The mass media of society undoubtedly shape the value system of the public. I would like to show through this piece that each individual should embrace the inner beauty inside of themselves and face the messy truth of the media beauty.

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